Marine rubber fender

Marine Rubber Fender

Marine rubber fender is usually used in the periphery of ships to reduce the collision intensity between the ship's side and the wharf collision and plays a buffer role. There are many types of products, such as large rubber components and small rubber blocks, etc. In the actual stiuation, due to different ship type, different environments, ship tonnage size and other factors, the choice of fender products is particularly important. How to choose a suitable project of fender products, not only for the use of the very high key but also for the cost accounting has great influence.
Marine Rubber Fender
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We believe that the error caused by the non-standard size of the rubber parts during the installation process will have a considerable impact on the product lifecycle. Therefore, we propose to use a series of ancillary products as much as possible in the procurement process. DPN RUBBER designs the DPN RUBBER SYSTEM to minimize the size error of all single products for this kind of chip. At the same time, through the stitching experiments of different products, each product is further optimized to ensure the accuracy of product portfolio optimization in DPN RUBBER SYSTEM.

Marine rubber fender is a very important part of our product line. We started to develop marine rubber fender products when the company was founded. Until today, we have developed the third generation. In the process of development, we learned a lot of similar products, the advantages and disadvantages of customer feedback on our products into the design of new products. Our PU rubber fender series of products has become the first new fender products China material, with good performance, aging resistance, high-temperature resistance. Corrosion has improved a great level.

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DolphinRubber's wide-ranging rubber fenders are manufactured in accordance with high-quality standards.  We successfully served for many customs all over the world. We promise the best design and materials for a low maintenance, long service life whatever your working demands and environmental conditions. Use our exclusive solutions, we can offer you the best way with the least resources. 

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