Marine rubber fender

D Type Rubber Fender

The D fender is one of the most commonly used fenders on the market. It is suitable for wharf and ship side. We improved on the previous generation of D fenders, and rated, compression, deflection, reaction, force, energy, absorption all exceeded design standards so that they have better applicability and durability. At present, D fender has been developed in various models, including D200 series, D300 series, D400 series and D500 series. At the same time, we can also make customized production according to the size of the customer's drawings.

D-type fenders are the most widely used rubber buffers in the world. They are manufactured in the way of extrusion and have a wide range of designs and dimensions. The flat back of the type of fender make it easy to install D fenders on diverse surfaces to protect the ship and the wharf.

Our company manufactures diverse kinds of D fenders in the most general dimensions. We have a large quantity of them in stock to ensure quick delivery. Also, some uncommon dimensions or customized versions can also be manufactured in a short time. D fenders with smaller dimensions can also have longer lengths with diverse colors. 

Processes of D Type Rubber Fender

D-type fenders can be installed in a variety of ways with strips or bolts: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The mounting holes which are needed are made through the side, top or bottom of the fender. Our company can complete the fenders in conformity with your needs and drafts. The D-type fender can also be vulcanized with the required radius so that it fits well on a round bow or stern. The D-type fender can be supplied in a specified length and its end can be tilted.

Applications of D Type Rubber Fender

D fenders are extensively employed in diverse dimensions and designs on:

• workboats
• tugboats
• pilot boats
• fishing boats
• pontoons
• docks
• Water platform
• loading bays
• car parks trucks
• building interiors

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The D fenders we have installed for European customers have been in use for nearly 5 years without any skin lesions. Normally, we can guarantee the long service time of our products. At least 10 years can be guaranteed on the premise of no man-made damaged. This is also why our products sell so well.

In the aftermarket, through the DPN rubber system, we have established a good communication mechanism with the owner and we continue to improve our products. Our fender products use imported rubber from Thailand to ensure product quality from the source. At the same time, we are using advanced vulcanization technology to ensure that products are tasteless, non-toxic and green.

D Type Rubber Fender Metal accessories

Anchoring bolt
Every pre-built-in bolts are outfitted with corresponding nuts, washer, and spring washer.

D Type Rubber Fender Features

suitable reaction force, with higher energy absorption than cylindrical rubber fenders.
Easy for installation
Applicable for frame dock and ships due to the smaller bottom width.

Something the designer need to consider to design the Drubber fender

The role of the hull and dock on the ship component of the reaction force;
The fender absorbs the ship after the deformation of its dynamic size:
The fender deformation caused by the reaction force in the hull:
The relative stiffness of the fender:
Non-forward squeeze when the side of the effectiveness of suction energy:
The rate at which the fender is decelerating the speed of the ship;
Changes in environmental conditions during the ship berthing:
The fender coefficient between the fender system and the hull:
Factors that cause the fender or support fender to hit the ring;
Infrastructure investment and maintenance costs of fender and support components;
The berth of the design of the ship's ton range;
Hull and fender contact with the way:
Water level changes;
The angle between the waves of force.

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