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Marine Rubber Products supplier

We are the industry leader in Marine Rubber Products and rubber engineering products in China. Our company, established in 1950, is China's first company engaged in a full range of rubber production company. In the course of more than 60 years development, we have established very good cooperation with our international counterparts. We have set up a joint laboratory with the  University of Science and Technology of China to develop and research new products together. Also, we have been participated in the formulation of China's national standards for general rubber products and the national standards for rubber fender products, serving the military, large shipyards, and transnational marine engineering groups. But we are not satisfied with the status quo, for the process for the customer service and customer requirements  we are strict accordance with the standards of production for export products. Our products are exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and even Africa with many loyal customers.

Innovation is endless, quality decides everything. This is the principle of our employees. We have so many years of development in the process of creating and improving the DPN RUBBER SYSTEM DPN R&D department, with our colleagues' efforts, it will be redesigned to improve a very good combination together through different products originally scattered, so that they have a very high degree of accuracy. When customers buy our products, there will be no size error, which is a very good news for demanding customers.

We are very grateful to our clients and colleagues who have provided us with sincere advice, as a return we have delivered better products to our customers. To this end, we have an annual forum of rubber products, where our experts and colleagues can communicate with other companies so that everyone'understanding to the product can reach a new height.

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