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Rubber Engineering

Rubber engineering series products are widely used in daily life. Similarly, our rubber engineering products are also divided into several parts. First of all, we offer bridge bearing products. These products are jointly developed by our R & D department and the University of Science and Technology of China Engineering Laboratory, and our new bridge bearing products have increased the carrying capacity of the same products developed by other companies by 40%. At present, our product has been widely used in many domestic bridge products, our feedback is very good.

Rubber Engineering
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Secondly, we have developed rubber rail pads with the University of Science and Technology of China, and we have applied the latest formulation to this product and proved the comprehensive performance of the product through numerous experiments. At present, in the high-speed rail route map of China, the Beijing Shanghai line and the Beijing Guangzhou railway line use a lot of our latest rubber rail pads products.

Of course, the application range of our packing engineering products is more extensive such as the parking lot, the hospital, the government, the park and so on, it's inseparable from this series of products. The design of this kind of products is simple and difficult to produce, but the disadvantage is that such simple products can not make good use of parking space, and the real effective parking area is low. To this end, we are developing new intelligent parking management system, through the use of intelligent systems and artificial AI to better reduce idle space and improve the effective use of the site.

Compared with other companies, what we do is earnest and honesty. We don't sell low-quality products to any customers, which is our commitment to our customers.

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