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Rubber Bearing


Rubber bearing is added in natural rubber compounding agent, used to improve the damping capacity of the rubber, and then use this with a damping effect of rubber composition and ordinary rubber bearing structure similar to a steel plate and rubber vulcanized by thermal laminated products. This product has good isolation performance and wide range of application. It is a new type of bridge and house construction products with higher cost performance.

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Rubber Bearing features

  • vertical bearing capacity, horizontal restoring force, and damping (energy absorption) Trinity;
  • the hysteretic characteristic of support (load-deformation curve) is full and the energy consumption is remarkable;
  • rubber formula improved, the equivalent damping ratio of more than 12%;
  • maintenance management cost is low (without other damping devices);
  • earthquakes, the residual deformation is very small and needs no replacement;
  • high damping bearing surface covered with rubber protective layer, protect the internal rubber from ozone, ultraviolet light influence, have better aging resistance, 50 years equivalent damping ratio is less than 2%;
  • HDR high damping rubber has low-temperature dependence and is widely used in different climatic regions;
  • HDR high damping rubber, like natural rubber, has superior creep properties;
  • environmental protection without pollution.

Rubber Bearing design principle

Vertical bearing capacity: through the steel plate to provide stable and reliable vertical bearing capacity, to ensure the daily use of safe and reliable buildings. 

The level of stress, with high strength using natural rubber, the steel plate bonding reliability, the horizontal direction in daily vibration, wind load and earthquake giant shock wave impact, will not guarantee the building because of the sudden internal damage caused by the failure.

Isolation design theory: the damping formula performance special consumption transfer in the earthquake vibration energy level, when the earthquake strikes on buildings it provide support vertical. horizontal direction will not transfer energy to all buildings.  In reciprocating vibration seismic wave action energy is converted into heat consumed, greatly reduce the level of the earthquake force of the wave structure under bad effect, thus reducing the earthquake damage to the building capacity.

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