Marine rubber fender

DGH Type Rubber Fender

DGH fender is a kind of fender product with unique design structure. The use of this replacement product makes it better to absorb energy. At the same time, DGH fender can provide better energy absorption function in a smaller area, and further reduce the cost of engineering for customers, thus receiving a considerable number of customers.

Through the best design of the ball layout, scraping nylon dipped cord can be evenly distributed on the load force of the sphere, the internal rubber layer is completely sealed.

The DGH arch fender is a new generation of V-type fenders. The DGH fenders are simple, rugged and can be used in the harshest environments. DGHB arch fenders can be installed either with UHMWPE panels or jointed to steel plates.

Characteristics of DGH arch fenders

1.Low reaction force but high energy absorption
2.Simple structure but good durability
3.Can be installed with frontal panel so as to preserve fenders and decrease the HP
4.Wide range of f standard dimensions that can meet various design requirements

Applications of DGH arch fenders

1. General cargo berth
2. RoRo berths
3. Workboat harbours
4.Barge and tug berths

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1) High energy absorption and low reaction force.

DGH fenders are the new generation of V fenders produced by DPN Rubber with 3-3.5% increased energy absorption. That is: Application of the DGH super arch fender can reduce product height and save project cost. 

2) Reasonable structure and long service time

The special structure design of the DGH fender greatly improve the stress concentration under compression deflection which prolongs its service time a lot.

3) The front panel was set on the top to protect the fender and reduce the surface pressure.

With front panel set on the top, the surface pressure is greatly reduced, and also the use of the face reduces the friction coefficient with ships increase the adaptability for the shearing force at ship berthing. Example of DGH fender application:
No pre-built-in steel plate and face pad on the top
Applicable for small docks and ships in abnormal shapes
Normally applied to small barges and fishing vessel

4) Easy for replacement

Because the DGH has the same bolt pitch as the V type, it can be easily used to replace the V type fender so as to obtain higher performance.
Our DGH rubber has already exported to the Euro market for many years and gained the good feedback.

DGH Type Rubber Fender Metal accessories

pre-built-in nut
foot rod
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