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Company Culture

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Enterprise development strategy

Since establishment, Dpn rubber has been the leading enterprise in China's rubber industry. Our company has always regarded technology and quality as the core competitiveness of company. In terms of technology, we have introduced a full range of R & D equipment, employed a high level of the doctoral team, each year the company invested a lot of money in product development. Also, the company established a joint laboratory with University of Science and Technology of China, to achieve the sharing of resources and advantages.

In terms of quality, we have strict requirements for product quality. In general, our design department will adjust the product specifications according to the requirements of different customers, so as to ensure that the product quality can meet the requirements of customers. Also, we improve the accuracy of the product, reduce the error of the product index to the extreme. At present, the quality of our products has reached the European standard.

Establish management leadership and executive ability

Our company attaches great importance to management leadership. We adopt the alternate-post system so that they can adapt to various positions. Also, our management staff should be trained every year and receive advanced management experience.

Employee competitiveness

How to improve the skill ability of our staff is one of our concerns. We select excellent representatives of workers to go to Japan and Europe, and international counterparts to learn production technology from each other.

We have a great goal, and we hope that through our efforts, we can become a heavyweight company in the field of International Marine Rubber products. As China's military supply enterprises, we hope to bring high-quality rubber products to the world, which our enterprise has been pursuing.

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