Marine rubber fender



Our rubber products have a wide range of application, the largest use of the current marine rubber products and engineering rubber products. In terms of marine rubber products, the number of rubber fenders is very high. Our rubber fender products are now widely used by all major shipyards and docks in China. Both tugs, naval vessels, OSV, and even Chinese naval vessels also use our company products in large quantities. As far as international clients are concerned, our rubber fender products have now been exported to many European countries, Oceania, and even African countries. In our customers, many customers have their own special quality standards, and even local standards. We strictly adjust the product formula according to the standards provided by our customers in order to ensure the products can meet our customer requirements.

In engineering rubber products, at present, the bridge shock absorption block and Railway rubber gasket procurement volume is relatively large. In order to ensure the overall quality of the product, we have made a new mold for this series of products without purchasing from the foreign party. At present, these two hot selling products have been widely used, and have received very good feedback.

Of course, we have a lot of small rubber products, including rubber products for parking lots, and accessories for some rubber fender products. Our quality requirements for accessories products are also very high, to provide us with metal parts manufacturers are all qualified companies, so as to ensure the overall quality of our products.

Compared with other companies, what we do is earnest and honest. We don't sell low quality products to any customer, which is our commitment to our customers.

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