Marine rubber fender

Ship/Boat Rubber Fenders

We provide all kinds of rubber fenders to fully protect your ships and other marine equipment.

With over 30 years' experience in providing ship rubber fender systems all over the world, we fully understand the greatest concern of our customers. Our R&D department always develops new products to improve customer's experience.
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We provide customers with a full set of professional solutions for rubber products. This includes marine rubber fender products, engineering rubber, rail and bridge rubber, and so on. Our solutions include consulting, design, production, construction, installation, and after sale, and they form a complete DPN RUBBER sales system. For communicating with our customers, we fully understand the requirements of our customers, and provide the most suitable solutions to customers, to ensure that customers can get the best products at the lowest cost. At present, all our products are in the DPN RUBBER SYSTEM, they have the most accurate size standards, in any case collocation, can achieve the perfect product portfolio. We strongly recommend that our customers adopt a DPN RUBBER products that have a uniform production standard, and fundamentally eliminate the problems caused by different products and different quality.

Cone Rubber Fender

Our new cone fender product design from the beginning to now has gone through three generations of development.

D fender

The D fender is one of the most commonly used fenders on the market. It is suitable for wharf and ship side.

DGH fender

DGH fender is a kind of fender product with unique design structure. The use of this replacement product makes it better to absorb energy.

DO type fender

The DO rubber fender is an important member of our marine rubber fender system, and it is product to our clients interest, all these years, we have exported this kind of product to the Euro market a lot of times.

Extruded fender

Extruded fenders are usually attached with bolts to the structure. They can be made in virtually any length then cut and drilled to suit each application. Pre-curved sections and special sizes are available.

M fender

M fenders are widely used on the bow or stern of boats or on the corners of docks or pontoons. The M shape of this fender is flexible, therefore it can easily follow the contour of a bow or stern.

PU fender
PU fender is the latest results of our research, as the equipment of luxury yacht, we use the most advanced manufacturing process and quality polyurethane raw materials. Through the continuous efforts of our technical staff, oue company has developed the new polyurethane fender. This product is very suitable for yachts and other high-end ships.

Rectangular Fender
Rectangular Fender is applicable for all kinds of wharf, dry dock and shipboard.

Shear fender
Shear Fenders have a linear load-deflection characteristic in shear but remain stiff in compression to support heavy loads.

TUG Cylindrical fender
TUG Cylindrical fender is the most commonly used fender products of his scope than other products, whether large or small tanker ship can be used, and it has a better protective effect on the ship and port. 

W fender
W fender is one of the most effective fender products at present. This particular design guarantees greater contact area and smaller surface pressure. We provide all kinds of rubber fenders to fully protect your ships and other marine equipment. Our products are currently in great service to the Chinese government, the army.

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