Marine rubber fender

PU Rubber fender

At the same time, in order to meet the high requirements of customers we do a lot of effort in color, our bureau polyurethane fender products can be customized according to customer requirements of different color products, instead of traditional fender products like black and gray, in order to meet the needs of high-end customers especially yacht manufacturers better.

At present, this product has opened the market in Italy and Holland, and our users have highly appreciated the products after the test. Our prices are much lower than those of other companies with same quality. We sincerely hope that you can have this product, and we also believe that this will be your most correct choice.
Polyurethane is more and more used for the manufacture of fenders because it possess numerous advantages over rubber. Polyurethane has extreme durability with lower friction and lower specific gravity. This material is also unmarked and can be made in a variety of eye-catching colors. What’s more, such material can also be mixed with foam instead of completely consists of polyurethane.

Types and processing of PU Rubber fender

The outer shell of the polyurethane foam fender is made of polyurethane and filled with foam. Its skin features wear resistance and low friction resistance. The core has a high density, so it is easy to absorb energy. Foam fenders have an advantage that they have lower reaction to compression. This type of fender is used for fast moving ships and its weight also plays an important role. Polyurethane fenders of fixed length are manufactured in the way of mould casting.

Applications of PU Rubber fender

Polyurethane and foam fenders are employed for:
• tugboats
• catamarans
• workboats
• rescue boats
• pilot boats

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  • NEWS
PU fender is the latest results of our research, as the equipment of luxury yacht, we use the most advanced manufacturing process, the quality of polyurethane raw materials, through the continuous efforts of our technical staff, has developed the new polyurethane fender. This product is very suitable for yachts and other high-end ships.
The birth of this product marks that we have become Chinese first high-end PU fender manufacturers, but also to break the long-standing domestic manufacturers can only import high-end rubber fenders from abroad.

In terms of performance, both energy absorption and reaction force are multiples better than conventional rubber fenders, while the use area is much lower than that of conventional rubber fenders. At the same time, in terms of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, urethane fender has an unparalleled advantage. After testing, we believe that this product in the absence of damage to the premise of the use of time is much longer than ordinary rubber fenders, installation and maintenance is also easier and cheaper.
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