Marine rubber fender

Rectangular Fender

Rectangular Fender is applicable for all kinds of wharf, dry dock and shipboard. It is one of the most common fenders. We are the latest generation of Rectangular Fender to optimize the production process in detail, strength the energy absorption and reaction force. This product shape is regular, easy installation and maintenance, and can be used in conjunction with any DPN fender, has good versatility.

Marine fenders are buffers that can absorb the kinetic energy of a boat when it berth against a pier, pier wall, or other boats. We use fenders to keep boats and berthing structures from being damaged. Fenders are generally produced by rubber, foam elastomer or plastic. Rubber fenders are often made in they way of extrusion or mould. The choice of the type of fender appropriate mainly rely on numerous elements, such as the sizes and displacement of the boat, maximum allowable distance, berth structure, tidal changes and other specific berth conditions. The size of the fender unit depends on the berthing energy of the ship, and the berthing energy is related to the square of the berthing speed.
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It's a simple but very mature design. The product has very strong durability. Our company has the capacity of full scale production and can be customized to different sizes according to customer's requirements. Current sizes include:150HB, 200HB, 250HB, 300HB, 350HB, 400HB, 500HB, 600HB.

The rectangular profile is the most rigid of the DPN rubber fender designs. It can be surface mounted where tidal actions are not a consideration and where berthing angles are low. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically behind timbers to provide extra cushioning where dock loading must be kept low. It can be pre-curved during extrusion for solid mounting on vessels. This versatility in protecting both structures and vessels is enhanced by a wide range of available sizes.

DolphinRubber's wide-ranging rubber fenders are manufactured in accordance with high-quality standards.  We have successfully served for many customers all over the world. We promise the best design and materials for a low maintenance, long service life whatever your working demands and environmental conditions are. Using our exclusive solutions, we can offer you the best way with the least resources. 

We believe that with our rich experience, we can offer suggestions to make the most suitable scheme.

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