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Keyhole Fender

Our new keyhole fender can better reduce friction. As a new product, it can be used in large ports, docks, tugs and bridges protection. We are the only company in China to produce keyhole fender fenders at present. My future is committed to provide customers with high quality, fender products with high technical standards, whether it is the new keyhole fender or PU fender, or traditional products, to improve user experience.
Keyhole rubber fenders are used all over the world and they provide a very reliable dock to protect the ship's bow or walls. This type of rubber fender features an opening with a keyway inside, which is used where large forces must be absorbed. The keyhole fenders are strong and can be made with curves. Two mounting holes make it easy and accurate for installation.

Standard keyhole rubber fenders are manufactured in length or in bulk and are made of highly wear resistant rubber.
The length is produced by extrusion and the block is produced by compression molding. Keyhole fenders are produced with a flat or grooved surface, depending on friction and/or grip. Like composite fenders, this type of fender can also be produced with an ultra high molecular weight polyethylene surface layer. For fast delivery, our company retains most standard size stocks. Custom sizes are also available upon request and delivery times are short. Keyhole fenders, W fenders and M fenders are non- interchangeable.

Keyhole fenders are relatively easy to install. Generally, they are mounted vertically, with pins secured by two standard holes. Keyhole fenders can be supplied at specified lengths and ends can be angled if needed. If the length of the fender exceeds one meter, the opening of the support strip can be increased.
Applications of Keyhole rubber fenders
Keyhole rubber fenders are commonly employed in diverse dimensions and designs on:
• tugboats
• barges
• workboats
• docks
• piers
• sections of bridge

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We have for this kind of simple fender products still holding a very serious attitude, this lack of small fender products can be a good supplement for large fender in detail, and their large fender products perfectly solves the problem of protection of some complex environment of the pier and ship. In view of the diversity of our products, we sincerely hope that customers can still communicate with our design team, we will try our best to help customers save some unnecessary costs, and meet customer's requirement.

We sincerely hope that we can provide you with a complete set of products that meet the DPN rubber standard. Thus, the coordination and applicability between different products can be guaranteed fundamentally.

We provide products that meet national standards, including Russian national standards, Norway national standards, and so on. At present, we are the only company in China to provide products in accordance with national standards, and is currently the only one with the European local government procurement cooperation company. And also, we are also the best customer feedback company.

At the same time, the quality of our products can reach very high standards, so far we have been to Europe, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries and regions to be in line with their own national quality standard products. Thanks to our R & D team, and through communication with our customers, we have carefully understood the nuances of product quality standards across different countries, thus designing products that meet the needs of different customers.

Our marine rubber fender have already produced this kind of products for over 20 years and severed kinds of customs.

We believe that with our rich experience, we can offer suggestions to make the most suitable scheme.

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