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Set a record! Chuandong Shipbuilding's stainless steel chemical ship was delivered 2 months in advan

On April 11th, China Shipbuilding Corporation Chuandong Shipbuilding delivered the first 11300 deadweight ton stainless steel chemical ship "Dongbai" to Shanghai Junzheng Shipping Co., Ltd. two months in advance, with a construction period of 16 months, setting a record for the shortest construction period in the history of China Shipbuilding Corporation's first stainless steel chemical ship.

The ship has a total length of 131.7 meters, a molded width of 20.2 meters, a molded depth of 10.5 meters, a structural draft of 7.7 meters, a carrying capacity of 11300 tons, and a designed speed of 13.5 knots. It is classified by CCS and is flying the Chinese flag. The inner surface of the cargo hold is made of 2205 duplex stainless steel, which is a product oil/chemical ship suitable for global navigation. This ship meets Tier III emission requirements and has obtained the Green Ecological Ship Environmental Protection Additional Mark G-EP (GPR). It is a new generation of high-end stainless steel chemical ships that integrates advanced technology and green environmental protection.

Set a record! Chuandong Shipbuilding's stainless steel chemical ship was delivered 2 months in advance

Chuandong Shipbuilding conscientiously implements the development strategy of China Shipbuilding Group, fully implements modern shipbuilding concepts, takes Modeling 2.0 as guidance, fully draws on the construction experience of different chemical ship types such as 13800 tons, 8000 tons, and 7450 tons, optimizes structural design, and organizes segmented and unit integrity design. The overall weight of stainless steel is reduced by about 30 tons compared to the commercial quotation, and the weight of carbon steel is reduced by about 150 tons compared to previous ship types. Through optimized design of pipeline and other outfitting, more than 100 stainless steel valves have been reduced in the liquid cargo system, and the heating coils in the cargo hold have been reduced by nearly 500 meters. Chuandong Shipbuilding has innovated its technology and construction methods, carried out precision control for segmented construction, refined segmented manufacturing processes, and adopted zero margin construction for stainless steel and segmented construction. The shipyard carries out general section loading, pre outfitting and general section pre assembly, and changes the installation stage of the groove type bulkheads. For the first time, the construction process of pre assembling the bottom section and groove type bulkhead section, upgrading the painting facilities and equipment, and overall sandblasting and painting of the pre assembled section and closing the shipway has been adopted. The partial closing process has been moved forward, shortening the construction period. At the same time, Chuandong Shipbuilding fully leverages the role of party building guarantee, integrates party building into the construction of the ship, and carries out joint learning and construction activities with the Fuling Office Party Branch of China Classification Society to strengthen quality control and improve product quality. In remote construction, timely establish temporary party branches for ship delivery projects, and through in-depth and meticulous ideological and political work, stimulate the role of the party branch as a fighting fortress and the exemplary role of Communist Party members.

Set a record! Chuandong Shipbuilding's stainless steel chemical ship was delivered 2 months in advance

During the construction process of the ship, Chuandong Shipbuilding meticulously planned and scientifically organized production, strictly planned operations, increased assessment efforts, closely cooperated with various processes, and sincerely united the participating workers, striving to overcome adverse effects such as high temperature weather, three-dimensional cross operation, lagging stainless steel materials, and personnel shortage. Actively strengthening communication with the shipowner, the constructive suggestions and suggestions put forward by the shipowner have played a positive role in improving progress and ensuring the delivery of the ship. The ship completed the segmented closure of the entire ship within 3 months from boarding the slipway, and achieved the launch milestone goal within 4 months, shortening the slipway cycle by nearly half compared to similar ships in the past. Especially, the closure and docking of the bow and stern sections only took 8 days, once again breaking the company's record for the closure and docking of the bow and stern sections of 10000 ton ships.

Faced with the pressure of reform and adjustment, Chuandong Shipbuilding actively took action and fought bravely, sounding the horn of "ensuring delivery of the ship". During the Chinese New Year, when thousands of families gather and reunite, the crew members of the delivery fleet will stay at home and take care of everyone. On February 6th, 10 employees will accompany the ship for towing. When passing through the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, encountering wind, snow, and haze weather, the crew of the fleet fought fiercely, overcame difficulties such as ice, rain, and blizzard, and bravely protected the ship in the cold. After 19 days of arduous journey, safely arrived at the Nanjing Port. The delivery team and the temporary party branch united and led all employees of the delivery team, carefully arranged and strictly planned the work, and worked hard to overcome various difficulties in long-distance construction. Through 32 consecutive days of overtime and hard work, they completed all construction tasks and inspection projects before the trial voyage with quality and quantity according to the plan. They achieved the trial voyage node plan one month in advance, and all performance indicators of the sea trial exceeded the contract agreement. After returning from the trial voyage for 10 days, we successfully achieved the delivery target and received high praise from the shipowner's ship inspection.

Chuandong Shipyard is one of the earliest shipyards in China to build chemical ships. It has built over 60 small and medium-sized chemical ships of different types for major chemical ship owners worldwide, and has rich experience in building chemical ships. Between 2004 and 2010, Chuandong Shipbuilding built and delivered six stainless steel chemical ships ranging from 3000 to 9000 tons for Shanghai Junzheng Shipping, marking the beginning of the construction of 10000 ton ships in the southwest region. In August 2022, Chuandong Shipbuilding signed a contract with Shanghai Junzheng Shipbuilding for the construction of two 11300 deadweight ton stainless steel chemical ships, to be renewed after a 12 year interval. Now, continuing to write classics and demonstrating fruitful cooperation, once again polishing the golden signboard of "Chuandong Chemical Ship".

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