Marine rubber fender

Port Rubber Fenders

We provide all kinds of rubber fenders to fully protect your ships and other marine equipment.

With over 30 years' experience in providing ship rubber fender systems all over the world, we fully understand the greatest concern of our customers. Our R&D department always develop new products to improve customer's experience.

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As the leading manufacturer of rubber products in China, we provide unprecedented protection to our customers. As the main manufacturer of rubber products in China, we have participated in the formulation of quality standards of Chinese rubber products, and helped China Classification Society to set up the industry wide standards. Our DPN RUBBER SYSTEM through a full set of scientific processes to ensure quality system products. At the same time, we are actively communicating with our counterparts in Japan, Sweden, Norway, South Korea and the United States. We hope to bring our best design, best quality and lowest cost to our customers. In our view, we are not only producing products, but also a pursuit. We are committed to providing high-quality service system for customers in the world, whether you are in the heat of the east coast of Africa, or in the cold in Norway, we have a set of design scheme based on customer requirements.

Arch rubber fender

Arch fender is a very convenient fender product, it can adapt to limited space under the premise of making up a lot of large fenders lack. At the same time, it is easy to install and it can be installed in various sizes of ports, berths and so on. 

Corner Type Rubber fender

The Corner Type Rubber fender serves as a fender for the corner of quay, making up the gap in the quay fender products. Our Corner Type Rubber fender can change the design angle of fender according to customer requirements, and can also be used in conjunction with other DPN rubber products.

Floating Rubber fender

Floating Rubber fender has a very good buoyancy index, which ensures that it is placed at a very good water level. We usually apply for Pier and dock with large tide scope and emergency purpose. This product is divided into specific outer rubber layer, inner rubber layer, steel bar and hook for chain.

Foam Type Rubber fender

Foam Rubber fender applicable for docks with large tidal range and small docks is one of the most commonly used fenders. It has a strong adaptability to the environment. Its installation is very simple and consists of flying, ring, end, plate, reinforced, pipe, bore, foam, rubber, and rubber.

Inflatable Rubber fender

Inflatable Rubber fender has a very good buoyancy index, which ensures that it is placed at a very good water level. 

Keyhole fender

Our new keyhole fender can better reduce friction. As a new product, it can be used in large ports, docks, tugs and bridges protection. We are the only company in China to produce keyhole fender fenders at present. 

Marine pneumatic fender

Marine pneumatic fender is a very practical product, it has many excellent features. First of all, this product has high energy absorption, low reaction force and surface pressure. Port fender are widely applied in the shipyard, terminals and other places. Our Port rubber fender series products has now developed into the third generation products. 

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