Marine rubber fender

Foam Type Rubber Fender

Foam Rubber fender applicable for docks with large tidal range and small docks is one of the most commonly used fenders. It has a strong adaptability to the environment. Its installation is very simple and consists of flying, ring, end, plate, reinforced, pipe, bore, foam, rubber, and rubber.

We think the Foam Rubber fender can help customers protect ships and docks in less environmentally friendly areas. In the face of complex sea conditions, Foam, Rubber, fender can play a very good energy absorption, it is a very good product. Also, we can also customize according to customer requirements.

DPN wear-resistant foam fenders absorb shock even in harsh environments. Our foam fender shared building technology focused on a closed cell polyethylene foam core and an outer layer of reinforced polyurethane elastomer. The closed foam cell structure makes puncture a thing of the past. Each cell is separate, so water cannot enter the foam. Even after years of active service, the foam core can still be returned to the factory, re-skinned and ready for a new life. No matter how abused, our foam fenders will not burst or explode. Damage is rare, but if the worst happens, our foam fenders remain functional until repairs are possible.


The foam-filled fender is a non-sinkable, heat-laminated, closed-cell polyethylene foam core. They have a rugged polyurethane elastomer housing in black and a variety of colors, including orange and navy blue. 

According to the severity of the operating conditions, there are two types of fender-filled fenders to choose from: hook-type chain tension members, through the center of the fender and the two ends of the mat, and the chain tire mesh for heavy duty application. They provide good energy capacity and lowest reaction and hull pressure, and extra thick skin can also be used at sea.


Different foam hardness levels cover a wide range of performance
Optional chain / tire mesh heavy duty application
Available in diameters from 500mm to 4500mm and lengths from 800mm to 10600mm, special sizes are available upon request.
Personal skin color is available upon request. Standard colors are black and orange.


Heavy ship to ship transfer operation
All naval vessel berths and cruise terminals have a proportional increase in non-polyurethane casing and superior reactivity and energy absorption due to low hull pressure.


1.Compared with ordinary compression rubber fenders, the biggest advantage of floating fenders is their floating ability, which is not affected by tidal range;
2.Unlike a charged rubber fender, it does not require charging, so it is free to repair.
3.It is safe and does not need to be afraid of the danger of explosion.
4.Flange connection for easy installation and movement.

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Our marine rubber fender have already produced this kind of products for over 20 years and severed kinds of customers, including Southeast Asian customers, European customers, and even African customers, almost all customers become our friends now.

We believe that with our rich experience, we can offer suggestions to make the most suitable scheme.

Our Foam Type Rubber fender requires very many inspection procedures in the factory before, after our company's detection, products will be sent to the University of Science and Technology of China Laboratory for further testing of the third party, and after confirming the monitoring data we will correct for product packaging, packing operation. In this way, we have a very good guarantee for the quality of the products in hand and the user experience.

Also, if users encounter any problems during the process, we will provide as much help as possible, and even provide free door-to-door service. What we do is to build a relationship of trust with our customers, not just buying and selling.

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