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The functions of the marine anchor chain

The anchor is mainly used to fix and stabilize the ship. In the following ways:

1. When the anchor chain to work, the most basic condition is in the seabed and so on hook things. If the anchor chain is not long enough, the anchor won't work. If the bottom is flat, or something that is not a fixed anchor hook, or the hook is not too strong, or it is in smooth water but the waves are too big causing the anchor hook do not remember things, it will make the anchor lose function, this is called "anchor", the ship at anchor during the walk anchor is very dangerous, because the ship is at anchor when hosts are stopped, if it doesn't immediately set sail, no power around the boat drift is very dangerous. Therefore, the concept of anchorage, anchorage, implication, the bottom of the sea is relatively rough, in addition to shelter from the wind.

2. The weight of the anchor chain is negligible for the ship, and that point of friction will not make much difference. Generally speaking, the anchor ship and the anchor chain are straight, which is a basic way to ignore the friction force. If you are on the beach, you will find a lot of small fishing boats, their anchor chains are thick ropes.

3. On the ship, the anchor chain is straight, but under water there is a section parallel to the seabed (actually attached to the bottom of the sea). The anchor provides the grasping force, and then passes through the anchor chain to the ship, so as to resist the influence of the external load of the ocean current and the storm wave. For the position, there is a section that is attached to the bottom of the sea, so it is necessary to take the influence of the force into account. Think of an anchor, anchor stiff pull easily anchor. And there is a paragraph attached to the bottom of the sea, you can provide a margin in a certain range.

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Marine Chain Structural features editor

The anchor chain is joined by a number of links, sized in diameter about (millimeters). According to the middle of the chain, there are no supporting gears, which are divided into chain anchor and non - stop chain. The chain can be made by forging, casting and welding. Hoist anchor, anchor chain store in the chain cabin amidships. The specifications of the anchor chain shall be calculated in accordance with the construction standards of the ship.
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