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This shipyard accepts orders! Bibby Marine orders the world's first electric CSOV

Bibby Marine, the owner of British offshore engineering ship, recently signed a shipbuilding contract with Spanish Gondan Shipyard to build the world's first zero emission electric commissioning service operating vessel (eCSOV) to serve the offshore renewable energy market in the UK and Europe. This new ship will be built by Gondan at the Asturias Shipyard in Spain and is scheduled to be delivered in 2026. The ship adopts the OSD-IMT9605 design from British ship design company Longitude and will be equipped with a powerful 20 megawatt hour battery system, supplemented by a dual fuel methanol engine, to achieve zero emission operation. In order to further promote zero emission operation, the ship is also equipped with high-voltage offshore charging facilities, which can quickly carry out secondary charging. Between two charging cycles, the ship can operate completely on battery power for more than 16 hours. Nigel Quinn, CEO of Bibby Marine, said, "As a UK company, we are pleased that this ship will become the first UK designed, UK flagged SOV. We will continue to collaborate with established supply chains and local academia to ensure that UK shipyards can participate and have the opportunity to learn throughout the process. We hope that this project can support the UK in building a world leading green technology center. The delivery of this new ship has the potential to change the game rules of our industry, accelerate net zero emissions, and showcase the best ship innovation. The project will also demonstrate that the total cost of ownership for building clean ships is the same as traditional fossil fuel ships, and operating costs are significantly reduced." Daniel Scavuzzo, Sales Director of Gondan Shipyard, stated, "We are delighted to build this new ship. Bibby Marine is a leading offshore wind power company committed to achieving decarbonization in the maritime sector, and this shipbuilding project seamlessly integrates with our zero emission technology expertise."
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