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The performance of the seal depends largely on the performance of the sealing material. Understanding the properties of all kinds of sealing materials and choosing the proper sealing materials are the primary problems in the proper design and use of seals. Early sealing materials, mainly fabrics, mineral fibers, or felt. With the development of industrial technology, in order to meet the increasingly complex and diverse requirements of hydraulic and pneumatic seals, the sealing materials have also developed rapidly. More and more kinds, physical and chemical properties continue to improve.
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General requirements for sealing materials

The general requirements for sealing materials are

  • Dense and easy to leak medium.
  • Having proper mechanical strength and hardness.
  • Having good chemical stability in the working medium and having a certain tolerance to hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in the working device. It does not swell, shrink, soften or harden.
  • Compression and resilience are good, permanent deformation is small, and the clearance caused by eccentricity of piston or piston rod can be eliminated.
  • Having certain temperature adaptation ability, not soften and decompose at high temperature, not harden at low temperature, not brittle crack.
  • Orrosion resistance is good, in acid, alkali, oil and another medium can work for a long time, its volume and hardness change little and do not adhere to the metal surface.
  • The coefficient of friction is small and the wear resistance is good.
  • Flexibility and flexibility in combination with the sealing surface.
  • Ozone resistance and aging resistance, durable.
  • It is convenient to manufacture, cheap and easy to raw materials.

These ancillary products can be perfect with fender products, the use of unified production standards of DPN rubber system will be of great help to your project.

Our DPN rubber have already produced this kind of products for over 20 years, and severed kinds of customs.

We believe that with our rich experience, we can offer suggestions for reference, to make the most suitable scheme.
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