Marine rubber fender

Floating Type Rubber Fender

Floating Rubber fender has a very good buoyancy index, which ensures that it is placed at a very good water level. We usually Applicable for Pier and dock the with large tide scope and emergency purpose. this product is divided into specific outer rubber layer, inner rubber layer, steel bar and hook for chain. Floating Rubber fender can be independently applied to the ship and the dock, to provide comprehensive protection for it. It is important to emphasize that the Floating Rubber fender must be mounted on a sturdy structure or mounting board.

In fact, this product has been born for a long time, we combine the products before feedback to improve it, either from the material or from the production process to use the new technology and equipment, so it has better absorption effect.

Floating fenders are a leading anti-collision device for a variety of marine applications in the world today. This pneumatic rubber fender plays an important role in ship-to-ship (STS) transfer operations and ship-to-dock (STD) berthing and mooring operations. The floating pneumatic rubber fender also has the advantages of large energy absorption and small unit surface pressure. Therefore, floating pneumatic fenders have become ideal marine protection media for large-scale tankers, liquefied petroleum gas ships, offshore platforms, bulk carriers, floating structures, large terminals, ports and docks.

In order to extract maximum life and performance from deployed fenders, they must be serviced within the recommended cycle intervals. In this case, easy access to deployed fenders is complicated, and ribbed fenders (offshore applications, remote installations, etc.) offer a reduced maintenance option. In the unlikely event of serious damage, our on-site staff can notify the service personnel within a short period of time if on-site repair is required. We provide tools for inflation and basic repairs if the fenders are produced by our company.

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Floating Type Rubber fender
  • Floating Rubber fender performance which can be positioned at the ideal waterline.
  • Easy and fast for installation
  • Applicable for pier and dock with large tide scope, and emergency purpose.

Our marine rubber fender have already produce this kind of products for over 20 years, and severed kinds of customs.

We believe that with our rich experience, we can offer suggestions to make the most suitable scheme.

Marine fender products are dominant products of our company, we are one of the oldest China marine fender products manufacturers, to participate in the preparation of the China marine fender China rubber product standards and product standards, is China Rubber Products Association, Chinese fender Products Association member company.

We provide customers with the best solution, it is not just the product itself, but also the overall equipment compatibility, convenient installation, as well as the maintenance. At present, our products have been widely used in China major shipyards, including Jiangnan Shipyard, shipyard, Whampoa shipyard etc. In the European market, our products have also been widely used in Russia, Denmark and other ports. In accordance with customer requirements, we provide products that meet national standards, including Russian national standards, Norway national standards, and so on.

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