Marine rubber fender

Arch Rubber Fender

Arch fender is a very convenient fender product, he can adapt to limited space, in the long, wide, high limit, under the premise of making up a lot of large fenders lack. At the same time, it is easy to install, can be installed in various sizes of ports, berths and so on. At the same time, it has the characteristics of high energy absorption and low reaction. The product is simple in structure and provides a wide range of solutions for many marine engineering designs. It can be used as a supplement to large fender products. We designed the production of fender arch better to do this, he will this DPN, rubber, system very good link together, forming a complete set of ancillary products. DPN series fender products of different sizes and shapes can be assembled together perfectly without the error of different sizes.


1.High energy absorption and low reaction
2.High stress concentration
3.Easy to change company installation
4.Easy to install and change
5.Wide scale and energy capacity
6.Bolted ultra high molecular weight polyethylene reduces friction and shear

Compared with the traditional rubber fenders on the market, arched rubber fenders have better energy saving effects. They are particularly suitable for ships that allow high hull pressure and locations where installation space is limited. They are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. In addition, these fenders can be bolted or bonded to ultra high molecular weight wall mats.

Arched rubber fenders are rugged, reliable and simple – they are suitable for berths in small vessels and durability is important. Easy to install and fast, the arched rubber fenders are ideal for berth handling of ships of all types and sizes. They can be mounted vertically or horizontally to provide long lasting and low maintenance protection.
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DolphinRubber's wide-ranging rubber fenders are manufactured in accordance with high quality standards.  We successfully served for many customers all over the world. 

Our marine rubber fender have already produced this kind of products for over 20 years and severed kinds of customs.

We believe that with our rich experience, we can offer suggestions for reference, to make the most suitable scheme.

We provide customers with the best solution, it is not just the product itself, but also the overall equipment compatibility, convenient installation, as well as the later maintenance. to use of DPN RUBBER SYSTEM series products is good to avoid the different suppliers of products between the compatibility, so as to better play the role of system protection. We bring a better product trial experience to our customers, and we also try our best to help customers reduce their costs. Through our actual comparison, the product using DPN RUBBER SYSTEM series can reduce the procurement cost by 20% compared with the products purchased from different suppliers, but it can achieve better product quality and user experience. For the very best end-to-end solutions, please connect DPNRUBBER Workstation, you will get the reply within 24 hours.
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