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Mooring Bollards

At present, according to customer requirements, we have developed different specifications, different shapes of Mooring, Bollards. Our products are available to China's various terminals, shipyards, and even the Chinese military. Quality is first for our commitment to customers. In the absence of man-made damage on the premise, we can guarantee that its service life is 1-1.5 times other similar products. Our confidence comes from our high trust in product quality, high trust in R & D teams, and a high level of trust in our team.

At present, all our products are in the DPN RUBBER SYSTEM, they have the most accurate size standards. In any case collocation, they can achieve the perfect product portfolio. We strongly recommend that our customers adopt a DPN RUBBER series products that have a uniform production standard, and fundamentally eliminate the problems caused by different products and different quality.
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Our mooring devices consist of bollards, cleats, and chocks used to secure boats and ships to docks, piers, and ports. These devices are engineered and constructed to the strictest specifications, and are supplied in the highest of quality for dependable performance.

Mooring Bollards is an important supporting equipment for the docks. As a supporting equipment for Wharf fender products, we also provide high quality Mooring Bollards products to our customers. In our opinion, the quality of supporting products also has a great impact on the overall fender system. We treat these accessory products with the highest quality standards and require them to reach the international advanced level of use. We can tailor the Mooring Bollards for each type of customer's requirements. They are combined with other fittings such as chain cables, which form a complete set of supporting systems for ships and docks.
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