Marine rubber fender

Marine Shackles


Marine Shackles Inspection editor

  • should be smooth with no cracks, sharp edges and over burning defects, suspicious areas may be used magnifying glasses and other means of review.
  • two times the safe load as the shackle test load test. The axle pin shall not be permanently deformed and can be turned freely after loosening. The increments in the length and dimensions of the fastener shall not exceed O.25% or O.5mm. 300 tons below the 2 times the safety load, as a test load test, more than 300 tons of 1.33 times the safety load, as a test load test
  • shackle may sample reliability test. Load is two times the test load. No deformation fracture or shackle shackle can loss bearing capacity.
  • the safety load of shackle by M (4) level approval.
  • the buckle should be marked on strength level, safety signs and other signs.

Marine Shackles Scrap Standard Editor

  • there is obvious permanent deformation or shaft pin can not rotate freely.
  • The wear amount of any part of the buckle and axle pin is more than 10% of the original size.
  • Crack.
  • shackle any.
  • can not lock shackle.
  • after the test of unqualified shackle.
  • NEWS
  • shackle should be smooth, no crack, sharp edges, burning and other defects.
  • prohibited the use of cast iron or steel shackle. The buckle can be made of calm steel, and the shaft pin can be machined with bar material.
  • should not be in the shackle drilling or welding repair. The buckle and axle pin shall not be repaired after permanent deformation.
  • when using, should check the buckle and plug, not serious wear and tear, deformation and fatigue cracks.
  • when used, the lateral spacing shall not be subject to tension, the shaft pin must be inserted into the insurance pin.
  • After the pin is assembled correctly, the width of the buckle body can not be obviously reduced, and the thread connection is good.
  • Shackle shall not exceed the safe load specified.
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