Marine rubber fender

The Importance Of The Safety Of Rubber Fenders Quality

With the development of China's shipping industry, the demand for quay and marine fenders is becoming more and more, and the requirements for fender functions are also getting higher and higher. Among them, due to good toughness and impact resistance, the rubber fenders are the most commonly used.

At present, there are many manufacturers of rubber fenders in our country, mixing with different levels of products. Some manufacturers live in fierce competitions in the market, who are one-sidedly taking the low-cost competition as the main means, and do not strictly comply with the relevant standards and processes, who adopt low-quality raw materials or make excessive use of regeneration glue to reduce costs, which brings great hiddenness to the security of docks and berthing.  It is understood that there are many types of rubber fenders currently on the market, which are mainly buckling type, inflatable type, laterally charged cylindrical type (drum type), docking V type (ie X type) and flexible pile type.

Manufacturers should consider the acting on the hull and dock by the ship's reaction force in the design and consumption of rubber fenders. The fender absorb the kinetic energy of the ship after the deformation of the size, fender deformation acting on the hull reaction force, the relative stiffness of fender, the efficiency of the fender when not being squeezed forward, the rate at which the fender decelerates the ship's berthing speed, the friction coefficient between the fender system and the hull, the capital investment in the fender system and the supporting members and their maintenance costs, the manners that contact with the fender and many other factors. Users can choose different types of rubber fenders according to the practice.

In addition to tugboats and small vessels, large-tonnage ships are not normally equipped with rubber fenders. When berthing, they mainly use inflatable rubber fenders to maintain the piers and hulls. Therefore, the quality of rubber fenders is very important, and low-quality rubber fenders have great harms. It not only has a short life in using. And once it is damaged, it will bring serious damage to piers and berthing ships.
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