Marine rubber fender

Do You Know The Characteristics Of The Rubber Fender?

The rubber fender may not be well understood by many people who do not know much about marine supplies, but the rubber fender is very important and essential in marine supplies because it is a protective device that protects ships from the impact force when it approaches the dock. But do you know anything about it?
The rubber fender reduces the collision force between ship and wharf through its compression in the course of use. Most of the rubber fender materials have the advantage of not being damp and with bright color, so we can add different colors according to customer's needs. The only advantage of the fender is that it doesn't need to be inflated, so it is naturally maintenance-free. In general, if there is no problem with the quality, the service life can reach about 30-50 years. 
The rubber fender is widely used in wharf, ship side and other places. This is a new product which can replace the inflatable fender permanently. We sincerely hope to receive your approval.
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