Marine rubber fender

Bridge Plate Rubber Damping Block

The product allows the horizontal force to be 10% of the vertical. The allowable rotation angle is not less than 40. The friction coefficient is 0.04-0.06, and the horizontal displacement of the movable bearing is 50mm-250mm, which is divided into 5 levels. The load level is 100KN-15000KN.

Features 1. Ball crown rubber bridge bearing The spherical crown rubber bearing is a modified circular rubber bearing. The middle layer rubber and steel plate layout is identical to the circular plate rubber bearing, while the top surface of the bearing is made of pure rubber to form a spherical surface. The spherical center rubber thickness is 4-13Mm. The spherical edge is 15mm, to accommodate 3% to 4 In the vertical and horizontal slopes. The center of the contact surface between the beam and the support tends to the center of the circular plate rubber bearing.

The beam end reaction force is gradually spread through the spherical surface rubber to the following layers of steel plate and rubber layer. A semi-circular rubber ring with diameter D=2.5mm is added on the bottom of the rubber bearing. When the bearing is stressed, it is firstly deformed and compacted by the bottom ring to adjust the stress condition of the bottom surface to improve or avoid the bottom of the bearing seat. The occurrence of phenomena makes the underside of the support even.

2. Slope support It can adapt to the vertical and horizontal slope of various bridges. This type is changed into a wedge-shaped slope bearing on the basis of circular rubber bearing. The angle of the slope is manufactured based on the longitudinal and vertical slopes of the bridge, which greatly facilitates the design and construction of the bridge and effectively eliminates the void between the concrete, bearings, and piers. There are advantages that are not limited by the vertical and horizontal slope of the bridge.

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