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Basic Characteristics of Rubber Damping Pad

When the rubber damping pad is used in bridges, it is suitable for bridges with a span of less than 30m and small displacement.

(1) The rubber damping pad is suppressed by multiple layers of rubber sheet. With sufficient vertical stiffness to bear the vertical load, the reaction force of the upper structure can be reliably transmitted to the abutment, with good elasticity to adapt to the rotation of the beam end; and there is a larger shear deformation to meet horizontal displacement of the upper structure.

(2) Characteristics of rubber damping pad: It has been widely used in bridge construction, hydropower project, and house anti-seismic facilities. Compared with the original steel support, it has a simple structure, easy installation, saving steel, low price, and easy maintenance, easy to replace, and other advantages. Rubber damping pad's building height is low and it’s beneficial to the bridge design and reduce the cost; It has a good isolation effect and can reduce the impact of lively load and seismic forces on the building.
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