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Rubber Pads for Railway Tracks

1. Overview of "rubber pads" is an important part of track structure. It is installed between the rail and the concrete sleeper, its main function is to buffer the high-speed vibration and impact of vehicles passing through the tracks, protect the roadbed and sleeper, and electrically insulate the signal system. In addition, the rubber pads are exposed to the atmosphere for a long time, so it is required to have good natural aging resistance, cold resistance and heat resistance. The rubber pad used in subway has good performance in reducing vibration and noise.

2. Characteristics of the Rubber Rail Pads
1) Its shock absorption, anti-aging, wear resistance, stability, high and low temperature resistance is strong. The product has natural rubber, styrene rubber, chloroprene rubber, HDPE, EVA, high-density polyethylene and other combination, the product has high elasticity, and is not easy to deform or break at various temperatures.

2) Long service life, low maintenance and replacement cost.

3) Complete models, suitable for laying various kinds of rails, such as 43KG, 50KG and 60KG, as well as wooden pillows, concrete pillows and other kinds of sleepers. It has good anti-vibration and insulation performance, wear-resistant, less compression and deformation, high strength, aging resistance, no mud turning, long service life, easy installation.

The use of rubber pads for railway tracks can greatly improve the transport capacity of motor vehicles, reduce the number of road repairs, and avoid the traffic accidents caused by motor vehicles' flameout. Whether from safety, economy, environmental protection, social benefits and other aspects, it is worth promoting and applying. The service life of rubber gasket is more than 3 times more than that of the original panel. It has been proved by experiments that the applied pressure can reach over 80 tons without deformation. Rubber pad is made of rubber as the main raw material, scientific formula and high-tech production technology. The rubber pad meets the requirement of railway speed raising and environmental protection. 

The production and promotion of rubber pads have completely changed the old and backward laid materials, such as asphalt, SLATE and steel plate, which have been used for a long time at railway crossings. It has changed the backward state of uneven, frequent accidents and frequent maintenance. After a number of applications, the fact of its beautiful environmental protection, installation of fast practicability, solid security is increasingly prominent. It is pressure-resistant, wear-resistant and easy to install. It has firm contact with the road surface. With good safety, the special rubber compounding system and the special design institute of Ministry of Railways jointly develop and adopt high and new technology, advanced technology and testing methods, and the quality of the products has reached the leading level of the same kind of domestic products.
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