Marine rubber fender

The relationship between rubber fender and anchor stability

The completion and operation of world energy Qinhuangdao port coal terminal and the quality of rubber fenders always limit the use of the production berth, persecute the safety of the dock and ship pilotage and affect the sequence of the production ship.

The cause of rubber fender damage is not accidental accident and operation management. It has deep theoretical roots. To solve it, we should first analyze and study the best countermeasures on fender design and material manufacturing.  In order to reduce the impact force when the ship approaches the wharf and prevent damage on ships and wharves caused by direct collision with wharf, the punching equipment must be set up at the front of the wharf. 

The port of our country began to use rubber fender gradually since 1970. At present, the rubber fenders in the world can be divided into five categories: compression type, inflatable type, shearing type, rotational type and water pressure type, and the compression and inflatable are the most widely used. Most of the rubber fenders used in China's ports are domestic compressed fenders, including cylindrical type, D type, V type, drum type, floating type and foam rubber type. The arrangement spacing and height are very important for rubber fender.To ensure that the ship is at the most unfavorable berth angle permitted by the specification, the ship can not directly touch the quay. 

It also should ensure that the ship can safely berth in different water level and different draught's conditions. It must have strong adaptability to different tonnage ships docked. When choosing and deciding the one or two and three phase of the fender arrangement of the coal wharf, the stability conditions of the safe operation of different types of ships must be satisfied. It actually reflects the requirements of the wharf for the protection of the waves.

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