Marine rubber fender

Rubber Seal Strip Introduction

Rubber seal strips are seal strips made of rubber. It is mainly used in the fields of automobiles, machinery, doors and windows, and plays a role in preventing dust, insects, water, fixing, sound insulation, shock absorption, and sealing.
Rubber seals can be classified according to the shape of the cross-section, vulcanization method, use site and use, and materials used.

1.Rubber fender strip can be classified according to the vulcanization method:
(1) Discontinuous vulcanization
After extruding the strip of rubber by a certain length, it is put into a vulcanization tank for vulcanization. The semi-finished product of the extruded strip is put into the model for vulcanization.
(2) Continuous sulfidation
Microwave Continuous Sulfurization, Salt bath continuous vulcanization, Hot air continuous vulcanization and other methods.
2.According to rubber seal material classification:
There are three types of rubber materials used in automotive seals: dense rubber, sponge rubber, and hard rubber.
(1)Analysis project
Principal component analysis, map analysis, failure analysis, full composition analysis, material identification, formula reduction, etc.;
(2)Physical and mechanical properties;
(3 ) Aging performance;
(4) Liquid resistance;
(5) Combustion performance;
(6) Applicable performance.
Key test items:
Low temperature test, compressive stress relaxation, tensile strength, elongation at break, tear strength, compression set, hardness, density, hot air aging, liquid resistance test, corrosion test, ozone aging resistance, brittle temperature, low temperature rigidity, dynamics Low temperature test, component analysis, etc.
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