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How to Effectively Reduce Damage to Dock Fenders

The main reasons causing damage to dock fenders are in the aspects of design, construction and use management. As long as we do a good job in these three areas, we can effectively avoid or reduce damage to the dock fenders.

1. It should be paid attention to several aspects such as selection, arrangement and fixation in the design. The dock fender types with advanced performance, reasonable structure and convenient use should be used first. we need to arrange the position and spacing of fenders rationally according to the structural type, designed ship type and natural conditions of the dock to avoid the fenders and other fixed fenders of the ship to be reliable. while at the same time,it needs to be easy to repair and replace to prevent damage to the fender due to poor fixation.

2. And in the construction, we should strictly follow the design requirements and relevant professional standards to work. Whether it is the production or installation of fenders, we should meet the design requirements and ensure the construction quality.

3. In the use of management, it should be focused on doing two aspects’ work. First, use and manage berths strictly and berthing shall be carried out according to the designed ship type and tonnage requirements. In case of ship berths with tonnage and size and designed ship type have larger in and out, the berthing speed and berthing angle should be strictly controlled and try to stop the berthing of large docks by small vessels so as not to damage the dock fenders; Second, strengthen the repair and maintenance of the dock fenders and timely repair the dock fenders that has been damaged so as to avoid further damage.

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