Marine rubber fender

Rubber Fenders Daily maintenance

When maintaining marine dock fenders, the marine transportation may be delayed in different degree. However, marine transportation cannot be delayed so long time in the fast-paced loading dock. In order to solve this conflict, you can start from the following three aspects.

1. Do maintenance when boat barges off the berth or work at tide downtime. This method suit for small-scale, small workload maintenance tasks. Rubber fenders maintenance is usually handled by the maintenance team from the handling company for it does not subject to outsourcing contract period and will not affect the production while flexible grasp construction.

2. For the large workload, complex construction and longer maintenance tasks, such as berth fender production and installation, outsourcing are appropriate.

3. Strengthen inspection and maintenance. The most basic measure is to pay attention to the usual inspection and maintenance. The implementation of this work is essential to reduce maintenance. All terminals should set up a person responsible system to strengthen inspection and maintenance of the rubber fenders of the responsible area. This will promptly find some minor glitch fences such tighten screws loose, such as parts of the bracket cracked.
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