Marine rubber fender

How To Maintain The Rubber Fender Better?

If the rubber fender is damaged, there will be longitudinal cracks, transverse cracks and nail holes. When we repair, we first need to draw the scope that needs to repair. This range needs to be surface polished. The repair scope needs to extend along the damaged cracks. What should we do for the maintenance of the rubber fender?
After the rubber fender is used up, the seawater on the surface of the airbag must be washed and dried. In addition, due to the rubber products made of the rubber fender, in order to prevent the rubber wall from sticking together, the inside and outside of the airbag should be coated with talcum powder.
The rubber fender should be placed in dry, ventilated and shady rooms. In particular, we need to remind you that the rubber fender must be spread out square, and it must not be stacked together, not to mention the rubber fender above the weight placed. What’s more, keep the rubber fender away from heat, acids, alkali, oils and organic solvents. Contact with these will accelerate the aging of rubber fenders and shorten their service life.
The method of maintaining rubber fender is introduced here. It is necessary to have a clear understanding of the special material of the rubber fender, so that we can do well the maintenance work of this kind of material. Only when considering the material and storage environment of the rubber fender can we maintain the rubber fender well.
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