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The first domestic ship! Jishui, a dynamic positioning crane vessel with variable amplitude boom ope

On March 29th, the first domestically built 5000 ton variable amplitude boom powered positioning crane vessel, "Sanhang Xiang'an", invested by China Communications Third Navigation Bureau and constructed by Nantong Zhenhua Heavy Industry, successfully entered the Jishui stage in Taizhou, Jiangsu, marking the comprehensive entry of the crane vessel into the stage of boom installation and equipment debugging, providing a solid foundation for the smooth production of the vessel.

This project is another "national treasure" jointly created by Nantong Zhenhua Heavy Equipment and China Communications Third Navigation Bureau in the field of marine engineering. After completion, it will add another weapon to the country's early achievement of the "dual carbon" goal.

The "sea strongman" who is as stable as Mount Tai

Faced with the development trend of deep-seated and large-scale offshore wind farm areas, "Sanhang Xiang'an" integrates advanced technological achievements and intelligent means. It is the first large-scale variable amplitude boom crane vessel in China with DP power positioning operation capability, which can meet the needs of anchor positioning and power positioning lifting operations in deep-seated areas, and has broad market application prospects.

The Sanhang Xiang'an has a total length of 178 meters, a width of 48 meters, and a depth of 13.5 meters. A large marine engineering crane with a lifting capacity of 5000 tons is installed at the stern of the ship, using a single arm double hook type. The main hook has a lifting capacity of 5000 tons, a maximum lifting width of 95 meters, and a lifting height of 133 meters on the deck. The auxiliary hook has a lifting capacity of 1200 tons, a maximum lifting width of 109 meters, and a lifting height of 150 meters on the deck, equivalent to a height of 51 floors. Its outstanding lifting capacity gives it a leading advantage in the domestic industry in the construction of offshore wind power pile foundations, large booster station hoisting, installation of large offshore components, and construction of far-reaching offshore wind farms.

In order to ensure the stability of the crane vessel in complex and far-reaching sea areas, the Sanhang Xiang'an has installed three 2500 kW fully rotating electric main thrusters at the stern, two 3000 kW side thrusters at the bow, and six anchor positioning systems. By adopting a dual mode of "dynamic positioning system+anchoring system" for large-scale offshore component lifting operations, the efficiency of the crane vessel during the valuable window period is effectively improved.

Green and intelligent "wind power artifact"

As a new generation of environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and intelligent lifting vessels, the "Sanhang Xiang'an" vessel conforms to the development trend of green and intelligent offshore engineering ships. The intelligent motor monitoring system designed and applied can greatly improve energy utilization efficiency; The offline insulation monitoring technology adopted further improves the safety factor of the entire ship through intelligent monitoring of important equipment.

The ship is equipped with a ship shore integrated comprehensive information management system, which can achieve intelligent management of the entire ship. It integrates multiple functions such as viewing ship positions, important equipment alarm information, video monitoring, energy efficiency management, spare parts and certificate information, personnel and oil product information management, etc., achieving "one platform", "one network", and "one line" for ship and shore based operation management. "With this system, the management personnel of the shore can grasp the real-time operation of the ship," introduced Xiong Handong, the manager of the Equipment Management Department of Sixth Company.

A "supervision team" that overcomes obstacles and cuts through thorns

Since the signing of the manufacturing contract for the crane vessel in January 2023, in less than a month, a ship supervision team consisting of ship technical experts from the Material Management Department and Ship Construction Department of the headquarters of the Sixth Company has been stationed at the shipyard.

"When choosing a residence, we deliberately chose a location about ten minutes away from the shipyard, in order to facilitate 24-hour communication and handle any situation at any time," said Pan Xunqiang, the leader of the supervision team. He, who has been working for 38 years, is about to retire this year. It can be said that the "Sanhang Xiang'an" was his last mission in his career and "the largest one." Speaking of the supervision process, Pan Xunqiang's eyes lit up. In the past year or so since the formation of the supervision team, the number of days he has returned home is few and far between. "It's not reassuring to leave for too long," he said.

To create such a "behemoth", countless difficulties were encountered during the process, coupled with short production technology preparation cycles, high technical quality requirements, and the purchase and installation of nearly a thousand equipment and tens of thousands of process steps. Each member of this team fully utilizes their professional abilities, overcoming difficulties and overcoming obstacles. Xi Xiangle, from the Headquarters Equipment Management Department, as the technical leader, conducted a thorough review of nearly 400 design drawings and all equipment technical specifications in the early stages of ship construction; He Yansheng, a graduate of Ship and Ocean Engineering, spends more than 10 hours on site every day. Due to frequent drilling and crawling between various ship structures, he wears several sets of work clothes alone; Captain Zhan Zongsheng conducts on-site inspections during the day and studies drawings in the office at night to ensure that all details of the ship are consistent with the design; "Only by ensuring that every device is installed properly can I sleep soundly," said Chief Engineer Cai Lusheng during the entry, installation, and commissioning of each device

Under the overall guidance of the six companies, this team has persisted day and night for a year, not only completing the phased tasks of the "Sanhang Xiang'an" Jishui, but also achieving eight technical achievements, including the development and application of a 5000 ton boom type ultra high lifting DP crane vessel and the follow-up mechanism for the positioning winch wire rope working condition measurement device of the crane vessel, and applying for national technical patents.

The smooth sailing of the Three Navigation Xiang'an is another important milestone in the history of offshore wind power development of the Three Navigation Bureau. After the delivery of the ship, it will provide solid equipment support for consolidating the position of the leading enterprise in offshore wind power construction of the Third Navigation Bureau, accelerating the construction of the modern industrial chain of CCCC offshore wind power, and helping the country achieve the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" as soon as possible.

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