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Repair Method For Inflatable Rubber Fender Air Leakage

When the inflatable rubber fender is leaking, we usually have to do the following treatment. To find a place to support the jack, pressure is required to reach 8 to 16 kg per square centimeter (for example, the length of 50 cm width 15 cm is required to pressurize 6 tons to 12 tons), deflate the fender that needs to be mended, the repair place is flat, polished, and the glue is evenly painted, the cord of the three layers is glued to the vertical paste and compacted. Cover the top with a mat or paper (to avoid bonding with the iron plate).

The plate is heated evenly and the back of the iron plate is measured at 160 degrees centigrade by a thermometer, and the heat is stopped. At this time the iron plate temperature will continue to rise, when the temperature drops to 170 degrees C, (the 2 cm iron plate falls to 175 degrees C), which is pressed on the fender of the material. The repair material should not exceed the area of the iron plate. The jacks are pressurized by 8 - 16 kg/cm on the plate. When the temperature of the iron plate is reduced to 60 or normal temperature, it can be removed. After inspection and stickup, it can be inflated.

The main reason for the leakage of the inflatable rubber fender is the cold adhesion of holes resulting from the collision or removal of the sharp objects during the operation. Prepare the inner tube and other elastic rubber plate, and polish it quickly. The damaged area will be treated in the same way. With a high adhesive strength and water resistant adhesive, paste compaction.
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