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DPN RUBBER's New Custom from Norway

DPN RUBBER's New Custom from Norway

We provide gate products for local governments in Norway to replace the previously low-quality products from Province Hebei, China. We strictly carry out the production and testing in accordance with European standards and Norway government standards, give customers double time warranty period, and get the praise of customers.

Details: Before we provide a solution for the government of Norway, we made a careful study of the local terminal environment. We believe that before the customer product used substandard materials, in the manufacturing process is very rough. The result of the test shows that the product in corrosion resistance, resistance to completely non-compliance.
To this end, we will have our product samples available to customers for the third party inspection. After testing, our company's products, whether it is technical indicators or product quality is far stronger than the previous products. At the same time, our technical personnel specially designed a set of procurement plan for customers and their actual use environment, to provide reference for them.

After several rounds of bidding, our company won the contract by virtue of excellent product quality and considerate service. In order to reduce the waiting time of customers, we have completed the production in 30 days with the advanced DPN SYSTEM, and provided the products to the third party laboratory. Fortieth days, our products have been in the freighter maersk.

So far, our products have reached the government service in Norway for 2 years, according to customer feedback, without any quality problems in the process of using, and even after 2 years of seawater corrosion, the surface is still without any problems.

In accordance with our commitment to customers, this product in the absence of damage to the premise, the use of time is more than 7 years. We look forward to continue to give our customers a positive feedback.

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