Marine rubber fender

The routine maintenance of rubber fenders

The maintenance of dock rubber fenders needs to be discontinued according to varying degrees. The fast-paced loading terminals do not allow long-term discontinuation and repair. In order to resolve this contradiction properly, we can proceed from the following three aspects: 

1. Seize the barge off the berth gap and the timing of tidal fluctuations and do the repair by making use of every bit of time and space. This method is suitable for maintenance tasks with small scale and small workload. The construction of the company is usually carried out by the maintenance team of the loading and unloading company. The construction period can be flexibly controlled in batches without affecting the production and without the limitation of the outsourcing contract period. 

2. For the workload being relatively large, which is of complex construction and longer maintenance tasks, such as the Old White Ferry berths for the production and installation of plastic mixed fenders, the general outsourcing is appropriate. Because such items are used to make and install the process, the wharf needs to be freed up for a long time. 

3. Strengthen inspection and maintenance  The most basic measure of maintenance work is to attach importance to the usual inspection and maintenance, and the implementation of this work is essential to reduce maintenance. The company should set up a dedicated person who is in charge of each terminal to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the rubber fenders of the responsible area pier, which can be found in time to find some small fenders glitches, such as loose screws loose, parts of the stent cracked, and immediately repair, preventing the development of rubber fenders and bollard damage. The changes in the management system of enterprises also need to adopt different methods of maintenance and management in response to the continuous improvement of the quality and level of maintenance of the rubber fenders of the wharf.
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