Marine rubber fender

Selection and Application of Bridge Collision Rubber Fender

Since the rubber fenders were introduced into China from the mid-1980s, they have been used for supporting ports, docks and some ships. Since the collapse of Jiujiang Bridge in June 2007, the collision prevention of bridge piers has become an urgent research topic. In the project, some owners and large-scale design institutes began to pay attention to the anti-collision project of the new super-large bridge. The rubber fender, which is the main product for energy absorption due to collision damping, has been single-selected due to the previous focus on the wharf.

The collision avoidance of the bridge complies with the “three principles,” and the selection of the rubber fender is mainly based on the navigation conditions, the tonnage of the ship, and the water level speed. At present, more arched V-shaped rubber fenders are used. Although the fenders have been used in large quantities, the piers are densely packed, but due to the small fender energy absorption, the surface is easily scratched and easily detached and easy to aging. For a long period of time, the protection it deserves is not achieved at all. Coupled with the low requirement of the product, many small workshops have low-cost cutting corners, and some products are touched lightly and broken into powder even 3-5 years . It’s useless.

The rotating rubber fenders resolve the force of the bridge piers during impact by a large displacement. It is also a sensible choice to use in some narrow navigation holes. However, due to the high cost of this product, it is unlikely that it will be used in quantity.

In summary, it is possible to achieve good anti-collision results and cost savings by adopting Super Arch (SA type, second generation product for V type) Combination type rubber fenders, 2-5 rubber fenders (even more), through the use of an anti-collision panel, the anti-collision panel is anchored with an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate, (that is a plywood UHMW-PE), and the formed rubber fender collision avoidance system can be integrated around the pier in a circle. In this way, there is no dead point when hit from any point. When the ship hits, the entire crash panel absorbs energy through the rubber fender behind it. This combined collision avoidance system is effective and can withstand the impact of large ships. The cost is low, the number of fenders is greatly reduced, and the service life is long.
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