Marine rubber fender

The successful trial voyage of the construction of a high-speed twin body aluminum alloy wind power

Recently, the second 33 meter series high-speed twin body aluminum alloy wind power operation and maintenance vessel "Haifeng 5102" of China Communications Haifeng Wind Power Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CCCC Haifeng Wind Power") constructed by Aolong Shipbuilding has successfully sailed.

The ship has a total length of 33.2 meters and a molded width of 10 meters, and is classified by China Classification Society. It has excellent speed, as well as better wave resistance and airworthiness than ordinary catamarans; By adopting the high freeboard design concept and combining it with a high-power main propulsion system, it can ensure the sailing rate and top berthing performance, meet the requirements of safe operation in Level 4 sea conditions and safe navigation in Level 5 sea conditions. The ship is equipped with a dedicated top mounted rubber fender, which has the ability to supply oil and water to the booster station. Key equipment such as a folding arm crane and a wave compensation wharf are designed and reserved, which can meet the needs of multifunctional offshore wind power operation and maintenance.

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