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China's independently designed and constructed Asia's first cylindrical FPSO, completed and delivere

On April 26th, the first cylindrical FPSO (Floating Production, Storage, and Unloading Unit) in Asia, "Haikui-1", constructed by China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC), was completed and delivered in Qingdao, Shandong. This marks a significant breakthrough in the key technology for independent design and construction of deepwater oil and gas equipment in China, and is of great significance for promoting the economic and efficient development of deepwater oil and gas fields in China.

Sun Fujie, Vice President of China National Offshore Oil Corporation, Kong Linghai, General Manager of Engineering Technology Department, Yuan Wei, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Branch, Wang Dayong, Vice President of Offshore Oil Engineering, Chu Xianfeng, Deputy Director of Qingdao Industry and Information Technology Bureau, Wang Benjian, Party Member of the West Coast New Area Government, Fan Qiang, Vice President of China Classification Society, and Melsted Johann, Regional Manager of Marine Engineering Classification in Greater China of Norwegian Classification Society, attended the brand naming and dock delivery event. More than 80 people attended the event, including relevant departments of the headquarters of the Group Company and Limited Company, Shenzhen Branch, Research Institute, Offshore Oil Engineering, and third-party inspection institutions, as well as leaders of Qingdao City, West Coast New Area and other relevant units.

Sun Fujie stated that the completion of "Haikui No.1" signifies that CNOOC has the ability to independently design and construct cylindrical FPSOs, and also signifies the high-level autonomy of China's independent design and construction technology for all types of floating production, storage, and unloading units. Faced with difficulties such as high technical difficulty, tight construction period, and complex interface management, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) fully leverages the spirit of "patriotism, responsibility, struggle, and innovation". The CNOOC team has overcome multiple key technologies, achieved new breakthroughs in construction accuracy and digitalization, and made important contributions to the development of new quality productivity. I hope that all personnel of the Liuhua project will adhere to the principle of seeking progress while maintaining stability, further enhance their determination to maintain stability and take the initiative to advance, solidly manage risks in offshore operations, and work together to achieve the goal of timely production of the project.

Wang Dayong stated that the completion of the construction of "Haikui No.1" fully demonstrates the "hard power" of CNOOC Engineering, fully demonstrating China's speed, quality, technology, solution, and spirit. We hope that all participating teams will resolutely implement the concept of "safety first, quality based", and make every effort to ensure the high-quality implementation of various tasks such as FPSO departure, towing, and connection. We will contribute marine engineering efforts to promote the construction of the "three major projects, one action" and "four centers" of the group company and strive to create the "six first-class".

According to the introduction, "Sea Anemone One" is composed of nearly 600000 components of the hull and upper functional modules, with a maximum diameter of about 90 meters. The main deck area is equivalent to 13 standard basketball courts, and the height is close to 30 floors. The total weight is about 37000 tons, which is equivalent to the weight of 30000 cars. This FPSO operates at a depth of 324 meters, with a maximum displacement of approximately 100000 tons and a maximum oil storage capacity of 60000 tons. It can process approximately 5600 tons of crude oil per day, with a design lifespan of 30 years. It can operate continuously for 15 years without returning to dock, making it the first cylindrical FPSO in Asia and the seventh largest in the world.

Compared to conventional ship structures, cylindrical FPSOs have smaller size, more compact space, higher oil storage efficiency, and advantages such as less steel consumption, good stability, and strong resistance to harsh sea conditions, which can effectively reduce oilfield development and operation costs.
The Haikui No.1 has achieved the autonomous application of 15 key technical equipment, including an integrated intelligent central control system for sea and land, a natural gas dual tower desulfurization system, and a large capacity hydraulic submersible pump. It has also adopted a new type of natural gas desulfurization device and a dual fuel generator for the first time on domestic offshore platforms, which can fully utilize the associated gas of the oil field and effectively improve the green and energy-saving level of offshore oil fields.

Due to the complex production process and high level of integration of equipment and facilities, "Sea Anemone One" poses great challenges to its design and construction technical capabilities. The project team concentrated its advantageous resources and overcame a series of technical difficulties such as the integrated system design of cylindrical floating production equipment, high-precision construction integration, and full process digital debugging. The construction period has been shortened by nearly 50% compared to similar international equipment, with precision control reaching millimeter level. The one-time quality qualification rate exceeds 99.8%, and excellent safety performance of 8 million working hours without accidents has been achieved. The overall engineering construction has reached the world's advanced level, enabling China to independently build different types of deepwater oil and gas equipment based on different oil fields and sea areas.

In recent years, China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) has completed the construction of a number of deepwater floating production, storage, and unloading units, including the world's largest tonnage FPSO - the sister ships of Pakistan Oil Corporation P67 and P70, China's largest operating depth FPSO - Offshore Oil 119, and the Penguin cylindrical FPSO. The manufacturing capacity of large-scale deepwater oil and gas equipment has achieved comprehensive breakthroughs.

It is understood that "Sea Anemone 1" can process about 5600 tons of crude oil per day. After delivery, it will be towed to the deep sea at a depth of 324 meters for reconnection. It will work together with Asia's first deepwater jacket platform, "Sea Base 2", in China's first deepwater oilfield - Liuhua 11-1 oilfield. It has innovatively formed the first "deepwater jacket platform+cylindrical FPSO" development model in China, providing a new solution for the efficient development of deepwater oil and gas fields in China.
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