Marine rubber fender

The classification of the fender

Rubber fender The fender, also known as wood protection, is installed on a dock or ship to absorb and buffer the collision energy of a ship's mooring. It can protect ships and wharf from damage. It is the most common choice for the protection and application of ships and wharf.

According to the material of the fender,it can be divided into rubber fender and foam fender .

1. The main structures of the rubber fender are solid type and inflatable type.The solid rubber fender has D type, cylindrical type, drum type and super arched type. It is usually installed and fixed on the ship or dock.It has high energy absorption and counter force and it not easy to damage. It has low cost and long service life. Its installation and maintenance are simple and convenient and it is widely used in Wharf and ship. The inflatable rubber fender uses compressed air as buffer medium and it has the characteristics of large compressive deformation,high energy absorption, small counter force and easy installation.It can float on the surface of the water with the tidal fluctuations. It is usually applied on the cargo and docking between the ships and wharves.

2. The filled foam solid fender takes foam as the compressed buffer medium. It has a new type of fender made of a heavy steel core and filled with EVA foam or polyurethane material and coated with polyurea material on the outer surface. Its features are maintenance free, long life, and it can be used in any bad environment. It is used in military ports and large ship docks.

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