Marine rubber fender

Characteristics of Various Types of Rubber Fender

The various types and features of the rubber fender are described as follows:

1) cylindrical type rubber fender: 

It has low pressure, small surface pressure and reasonable energy absorption. When berthing, the adaptability of the ship to the ship's roll is not affected by the size of the ship. It is easy to install and maintain, especially suitable for the old type wharf

2) semicircular (D) rubber fender:

The characteristic counterforce is moderate, the suction energy is higher than the cylinder type, and the installation is more convenient. Due to the small size of the bottom, it is especially suitable for the frame type wharf and the ship's port.

3) DO rubber fender:

The absorption energy is higher than the D type fender, and the installation strength and service life are much higher than the D fender. It is suitable for frame type wharf.

4) Arch type (V) rubber fender: 

The energy of suction is high, the installation is firm and convenient. It is suitable for all kinds of wharf.

5) DA rubber fender:

Characteristics of high energy absorption and low reaction force; The products have higher stress dispersibility and long service life. The front end of the defense panel can reduce the surface pressure; Various specifications are installed in a variety of ways; Easy replacement. 

6) drum rubber fender:

It has high energy absorption; the surface pressure is below 25 tons / meter 2, and the mechanical properties of the inclined compression are lower.

7) PI type rubber fender: 

The characteristics of low reaction force and high energy absorption; Convenient installation; Generally suitable for large and medium-sized Wharf

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