Marine rubber fender

Damping Bearings Advantages of Bridge and House

The damping cushions and buffer blocks used in the construction of the bridge house bases of the company are made of stainless steel wire made of special rubber materials. This material has the characteristics of shock absorption, large buffer damping, absorption of impact energy, no fear of high and low temperature effects, not easy to aging. It has a very good cushioning and damping effect in the shock-absorbing construction of bridges and other structures. There are no problems with several tons of load, and they are used in bridges and other buildings. They have advantages that are unmatched by natural rubber.

The rubber bridge bearing has a very good effect of shock absorption and noise reduction, resistance to high and low temperature -150 ° ~ 350 °, acid and alkali corrosion, service life of up to 10 years. It has high static and dynamic strength and can be applied under non-corrosive and non-high temperature conditions. The bridge bearings can also work normally under high temperature and corrosive environment, and it has unlimited shelf life and no volatile substance . In addition, the durability of the bridge bearings and bumpers is as long as 10 years. Avoid the hassle of regular replacement of traditional rubber.
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