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Guangzhou Shipbuilding International has started construction of 7000 car transport vessel No. 3 for

On March 29th, China Shipbuilding Corporation's subsidiary, Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, held a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of 7000 LNG dual fuel vehicle transport vessel (PCTC) 3 (vessel number 22110010) for CITIC Financial Leasing. After completion, the ship will be leased to Guangzhou Yuanhai Automobile Shipping Co., Ltd., a joint venture of COSCO Shipping and Special Transport, for international transportation, providing stable and safe transportation capacity support for Chinese car companies, and assisting in the development of "national vehicles and national transportation".

Yu Xiudong, President of CITIC Financial Leasing, Wei Qiang, Party Committee Member, Zhang Qinghuan, Deputy Party Secretary of Guangzhou Shipbuilding International, and other leaders and guests attended the groundbreaking ceremony and witnessed the signing of the groundbreaking documents by the three parties.

The ship was designed by Shanghai Shipbuilding Research and Design Institute (SDARI) and has a total of 12 vehicle decks. It can be used to transport sedans, box trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and other vehicle models, as well as some dangerous goods and new energy vehicles.

It is reported that the ship is the third in a series of automobile transport ships ordered by CITIC Financial Leasing and COSCO Shipping Special Transport, and is an outstanding achievement of deepening cooperation among the three parties.

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