Marine rubber fender

The Wide Application Of The Rubber Fender In These Years

There are many kinds of rubber fenders. With the progress of technology and the application of new materials, it is believed that the rubber fender will make further breakthroughs in the near future. The rubber fender is classified according to their classification. For example, the rubber fender can be divided into shear type, rotary type and compression type according to the force situation; according to the shape, it can be divided into cone, drum, fan, rectangular, circular and so on. Most of the floating fenders are used now. According to the different buffer media, they can be divided into inflatable fenders and filled rubber fenders.
The dock of a ship can not be separated from the buffering function of the fender. Because the speed and angle of berthing are difficult to grasp, the fender is often more vulnerable to damage, so the protection of the fender is particularly important. But just as the treatment of disease is not as good as prevention, rather than relying on fender protection to prolong its life, it is better to choose a high-quality, long-life type of fender.
Inflatable rubber fender needn't say much, mostly air as the medium, while filled fender can use foamed EVA, foamed rubber and foamed polyurethane and other light materials as the medium. Solid rubber fenders have a long history and are widely used in wharf to effectively prevent collisions between ships.
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