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DPN RUBBER Participated in the 2017 China International Ship Technology and Equipment Exhibition

DPN RUBBER participated in the 2017 China International Ship Technology and equipment exhibition and Navy construction forum.

In the Central Military Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission, the joint staff, the Central Military Commission for national defense mobilization, Chinese people's Liberation Army Navy Equipment Department, China people's Liberation Army Air Force equipment, support Chinese people's Liberation Army equipment by the Ministry of national defense science and technology industry association by China ship branch committee jointly organized by the national private military enterprises China Shipbuilding Industry Corp, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, held the 2017 session of the third Chinese international ship technology and equipment exhibition and naval construction forum and June 19, 2017 -21 in Beijing International Exhibition Center China.

The forum invited the national defense, military, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, communication, radar, nuclear industry, government agencies and other major military enterprises and institutions and various universities and research institutes, shipowners, shipping companies, the society and so on. As one of the designated rubber suppliers in the Chinese military, we held bilateral and multilateral talks with representatives of the military and other related enterprises.

During the period, our company also participated in the China Navy construction and equipment Development Summit Forum, China ship supporting equipment development forum and so on.

Through this event, we hope to be able to provide more and better products to our customers. We hope to show the latest research results of our high-tech private enterprises to our military customers, set up an authority with the military, efficient communication platform, to jointly promote the better and faster development of naval equipment.
Compared with other companies, what we do is earnest and honesty. We don't sell low quality products to any customers, which is our commitment to our customers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will be very happy to serve you. You can also give us a message on the official website, or send mail to us, and we will reply to you within 24 hours.

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