Marine rubber fender

What Materials Are Used For The Ship Rubber Fender?

The ship rubber fender is made of specialty latex. Some of the non-rubber components in the latex are left in the solid natural rubber. Natural rubber contains about 98% of rubber and 6% of non rubber. The proportion of these components may be different, but they are basically within the scope, because of different production methods, different origins and even different growing seasons.
Alba can promote vulcanization and retard aging of rubber. On the other hand, the protein has strong water absorption, and can make the rubber mildew and reduce insulation. Protein also has the defect of increasing thermogenesis.
Acetone extracts are high-grade fatty acids and steroids, some of which act as natural antioxidants and accelerators, and some of which help powdered complexes disperse in the mixing process and soften the raw rubber.
Ash content contains mainly magnesium phosphate and calcium phosphate, and a small amount of copper, manganese and other metal compounds. Since these metal ions can promote rubber aging, their content should be controlled.
When the moisture content in the rubber of the ship rubber fender is not more than 5%, it can be volatilized during processing, but when the moisture content is too high, it will not only make the raw rubber easy to mold during storage, but also affect the processing of rubber, such as mixing agent easy to agglomerate. During the process of calendering and extrusion, bubbles are produced easily, and bubbles or sponge shapes are formed during the curing process.
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