Marine rubber fender

How to Avoid the Abrasion of The Marine Dock Fenders ?

In order to enhance the service life of marine dock fenders greatly, we need pay attention on our daily maintenance work.Then DPN RUBBER CO., LTD. will make a specific analysis of the related matters and key points for you.

First we have to understand that we should choose the advanced performance, reasonable structure and convenient wharf fender type on the choice of materials.In addition, according to the structure, the design of ship dock and natural conditions, we should arrange the rational layout of fender's location and distance to avoid the fender stumbling block.The equipment of the fixed fender, such as the ship, should be reliable and easy to repair and replace to prevent the damage caused by the fender.During construction, we should strictly follow the design requirements and relevant professional specifications. No matter the fabrication or installation of fenders, they should meet the design requirements and ensure the quality of construction.

In the maintenance of the fender in the later period, we should focus on the use and management of the berth. According to the design requirements and the tonnage of ship berthing,for the docks that have large discrepancy between the size and design of  the ship type,we should strictly control the berthing speed and berthing angle, so as to avoid damage to the ship fender.
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