Marine rubber fender

Types and Differences of Rubber Used in Pneumatic Fenders

1. The rubber commonly used in the market is pure natural rubber and natural rubber containing regenerated rubber.
2. The best rubber is Thailand's no. 3 cigarette rubber, which the rubber content of the pneumatic fenders is generally more than 50%.
3. There are three kinds of rubber in the manufacture of rubber fender ball: inner layer glue, curtain line glue and outer layer glue.
4. In general, Vietnam 3L natural rubber is used for inner layer glue, with a content of 67% (why Vietnam 3L rubber is used) because the performance of natural rubber is different, Vietnam 3L is superior to other rubber in density and tensile performance. It's the perfect material for an inner tube, but not for an outer layer of glue.
5. The cord glue is the same as the glue on the air bag.
6. Outer layer glue: generally, the outer layer glue is added with chloroprene adhesive and other chemical reagents on the basis of curtain wire glue to ensure the rubber has anti-acid, alkali and seawater corrosion, and anti-aging performance is improved.
The difference in the skeleton material used for pneumatic fender
1. Nylon cord fabric and polyester cord fabric, the stretch of nylon cord fabric is better than that of polyester. We use polyamide 
2. There are many kinds of nylon cord fabric: 1260D2 and 1260D3 in the air bag factory.
3. Difference of single strength: D2 strength is 212N(21KG), D3 strength is 313N (31kg), D2 curtain fabric is usually adopted, and the curtain fabric of d3 is required unless there are special requirements.
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