Marine rubber fender

Foam-filled Fender Use Range And Product Advantages


1. Docks, ship fenders.
2. It is suitable for gravity type and Dun Wharf, especially for large tidal bores.
3. It is especially suitable for ship fenders.Besides, floating fenders are more adaptable.
4. As a bridge fender, it can protect piers and ships from being damage;
5. As a necessary spare part for dock protection equipment, it has flexible emergency functions.
6. Applicable to berthing of special navy vessels to ensure berthing safety.
7. When the super-large floating fender is used, the depth of berthing of the vessel can be increased to achieve the purpose of dock upgrade.
8. Floating fenders can be used alone. It can also be combined with other protective devices to protect the piers and ships.

Product advantages

1. With floating performance, the installation position is not affected by tidal differences.
2. It has maintenance-free property, meaning no inspection, no inflation, no fear of scratching, no fear of friction, seawater, acid and alkali resistance for up to 10-15 years.
3. There is no risk of explosion since it is safe enough.
4. It has better energy absorption performance, as well as lower reaction force performance. When the compression is 60%, the reaction force is obvious from small to large, and the absorption energy is extremely high.
5. The product specifications are manufactured as required, and the specifications are the largest in the ship fenders.
6. Fender appearance can be applied to a variety of colors. The product is smooth, beautiful and marked.
7. The product adopts the chain hanging. The installation is simple, and the mobile tire chain network can be freely selected to increase the service life of the fenders.

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