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Yangfan Group Delivers the Third 1900TEU Container Ship of Jinjiang Shipping

On April 22, 2024, Yangfan Group held a naming and delivery ceremony for the 1900TEU series new shipbuilding vessel "MILD JASMINE" built for Jinjiang Shipping.

Gu Jinshan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shanghai International Port (Group) Co., Ltd., Tao Zhonghai, Vice President of Beijing Jianlong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. and President of Yangfan Group, attended the ceremony. Ms. Han Shunfang, Director of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress of Huangpu District, Shanghai, and Secretary of the Party Group, served as the new ship's godmother to name and cut the cables for the new ship.

The "Tongli" ship delivered this time is the third 1900TEU series ship jointly built by Jinjiang Shipping and Yangfan Group. It is a new generation of green and energy-saving container ship tailored by Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute for Jinjiang Shipping's Southeast Asia route. The overall performance of this series of ships is good. The two sisters ships that have been launched now have outstanding performance in the route operation, especially in terms of energy saving and carbon reduction, intelligent management and control, fast and efficient, loading and transportation, and have greater technical and competitive advantages, gradually becoming the main force in Jinjiang Shipping's Southeast Asia route operation.

After the launch of the new ship, it will be put into operation on the Southeast Asian route. With excellent ship performance, it will provide customers with import fast shipping services from Thailand to Shanghai. While further optimizing the structure and transportation capacity of the Jinjiang shipping fleet, it will effectively enhance the company's comprehensive hard power and customer service level, bring strong momentum to the company's Southeast Asian regional route operation, become a strong support for the company to strengthen regional routes and cultivate high-quality services, help the company achieve high-quality and sustainable development, and make new contributions to Shanghai's construction of a world-class hub port and the comprehensive construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center.

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